2020 Tournaments and Meetings

Every month we fish exciting lakes in Texas. How we determine which lakes we fish depends on the monthly meeting in December. Come and join us and help us decided which new lakes we could fish in the great state of Texas! Below are the dates of gathering and fishing, to find us we are located every first Thursday, just drop us an email or Facebook message.

Our 2020 schedule has been released check it out below! We now meet at a local brewery, No Label. Come and join us in our meetings and have a few drinks and hear our great fishing stories.

Meeting DateFishing DateLakeTournament Type
January 2, 2020January 11, 2020Lake BastropDraw
February 6, 2020February 8, 2020Lake FayetteDraw
March 5, 2020March 14, 2020Lake NaconicheAway/PYP
April 2, 2020April 11, 2020Belton LakeAway/PYP
May 7, 2020May 9, 2020Gibbon CreekDraw
June 4, 2020June 13, 2020Houston CountyDraw
July 2, 2020July 10, 2020 - July 11, 2020ScatterDraw
August 6, 2020August 7, 2020 - August 8, 2020ScatterDraw
September 3, 2020September 12, 2020Lake SomervilleTeam/Draw
October 1, 2020October 10, 2020Coleto CreekDraw
November 5, 2020November 14, 2020Lake ConroeTeam/Draw
December 3, 2020Dec 12, 2020Dinner Party!