Current Tournament Standings

These are the official standings for our anglers. Each month scores are automatically calculated on the five best catches including the Big Bass Honors.  Each angler will have a dark bold number associated to their respective name, this indicates they have caught the Big Bass for that particular tournament. Come back each month after each tournament and find out the latest standings!!

2018 - Leaderboard

1Moran, Scott792
2Gibson, Bill787
3Shepard, John783
4Sewell, Jon674
5Royal, Glenn587
6Molsberry, Mark581
7Rieger, Tom497
8Kincaid, Mike384
9Sharko, Paul371
10Schroeder, Leroy289
11Huezo, David272
12Austen, Keith198
13Sullivan, Mike193
13McLaughlin, Wayne193
14Estep, Randy101
15Houssiore, Charlie98
16Hutchinson, Jeff93
17Longaker, Jim84
18Brown, David83
19Shepard, Bob0
19Orlando, Ron0
19Visser, Gerhard0

2018 - Big Bass Honors

JANGibson, Bill18.25"
FEBRoyal, Glenn21.00"
MARMolsberry, Mark21.75"
APRMoran, Scott22.5"
MAYRieger, Tom
JUNEstep, Randy and Moran, Scott18.75"
JULAusten, Keith21.75"
SEPRoyal, Glenn20.5"
OCTRieger, Tom20"
NOVMoran, Scott15"