Draw: Fayette County 2018

January 20, 2018

Well here I am again! Reporting the first T for the 2018 season. Before I begin that tale I would like to first express the sadness of the loss of our long-time member and very good friend Phil Garrod. As many may know he actually died from the reaction to the radiation treatments he was receiving to fight cancer. He received a beautiful funeral service that was attended by many of the 4-F Bass Club. We saw some old-timers like Sandy Cain and Gary Van Royan. We will remember Phil with many wonderful memories.

Ok, for happier news. The day started like so many of our past T’s with heavy fog, some rain and cool temps. Hey, it could have been worse as there was virtually no wind! Bet that won’t happen often. 😀

The T didn’t bring many news stories that I usually get to “tale” about so guess I will give the facts only.

There was a large contingent of kayakers on the water….150 reported for that group! They were like waterbugs all over the lake. Everywhere we went they were there taking up some prime spots but what the heck, they are fishermen so they have that right. Also another group with 30 full grown bass boats had a pro T going. Some really nice looking rigs. Anyway, it made for very crowded conditions. Seems that almost every spot we went was already covered. In one place I counted 43 boats and kayaks -!!!!! The only concern I had was when running across the water those kayaks were hard to see in the fog. Glad we didn’t run over any. 😀

I know Bill is sending the results by e-mail but I will list them here anyway. The best part of the

T was that everyone caught fish so it was a good day. Our congrats go to:

1 st Place – Bill Gibson
2 nd Place – Wayne McLaughlin
3 rd – Mark Molsberry

Somebody caught the 18.25” Big Bass

That’s all folks!

All had a safe day enjoying His creation so take time to give Him thanks.

Ye Ol’ Tattle Taler