Fayette: February 2013

Ye Ol’ Tattle Taler is back on the club tournament scene once again!  Missed the January T so am starting with this one.

Well, nothing new about fishing Fayette as  a club T for sure!!!!   Started out windy, got windier and then dropped some fine rain on us.  Then the wind continued for the rest of the day!  Could have been worse…..look at New York today! J

We had a bunch of members fishing today!  Haven’t had this good a turn out in a loooonnnnngggggg time.  Thank you all for showing up.  Hope this will be the trend for 2013.

glenn-fayette-2013Everyone caught fish and a bunch of limits were boated which is really good considering the weather conditions.

Congrats to New Daddy Bo for his 1st place finish and Big Bass (20.75) . He had over 200 points and Ye Ol Tattler had 184 and finished 5th so you can see the scores were big and close! Oh yea, I did have 2nd Big Bass at 19.75.

Nothing bad happened and nobody had any boat problems….yeaaaaaaa!!!!

We came back safe and enjoyed His creation once again. Please say a big thank you for this wonderful resource.

See ya in March….Ye ‘Ol Tattler