Fayette: February 2014

Well another 4F T has come and gone!   This one had some good stories for the Tattle Tailer to report on. 🙂

First tho, congrats to Phil G for 1st and BIG BASS (20.5), 2nd went to my guide Tom and 3rd went to Ye Ol Tattler!!!! Had some really good fish caught and some nice limits.

Phil with his 21.5" catch, which took Big Bass for the tournament.

Phil with his 21.5″ catch, which took Big Bass for the tournament.

Now for the goodies:  Let’s start with my guide and his motor problems…… we headed out to his first secret spot and noticed that the motor was not running as smooth as normal. It had some definite clacking sounds. Tom felt is was ok so we kept going.  We caught all the fish in the first secret spot that only a few other folks know about. 🙂 Glenn knows for sure.  Well, Tom went to start the motor and no go. 🙁  Finally he called the motor’s master, Joe. Once the motor heard Joe’s voice…started right up!  Kicked into gear and no power.  Even Joe could not talk it into going full power.  Decided to putt-putt to the next spot in three fingers to get out of the wind and see if Tom could find the problem.  Bill G, club mechanic, trolled over and between he and Tom they pretty well dismantled the motor.  Finally pulled the fuel filter and found it was kinda plugged. Tom huffed and puffed and blew a bunch of junk out.  Put everything back and the motor started right up. (prayer’s work ).  Took off for the dam and sure nuf the boat started to run pretty good. 🙂  Got almost to the dam and it shut down again!!!!  Oh well, decided that we could live with it and finish the day.

UPDATE:  Rings shot and pistons burned!!!!  OUCH!

#2 tidbit is that Bill G has found that it is not fun to throw your equipt overboard!  Seems he was making a cast and bounced his lure on something that caused him to let loose of the rod, which went immediately to the bottom of the lake. 🙁 He says he really didn’t mind because it was one of his really old sets.  Well, turns out that the rod was older than me, BUT, the reel was almost brand new!!! Think he said he made only one cast with that reel :-0 .  There must be a full fishing department at the bottom of Fayette from all the rigs lost there. Two that I know of. 🙁

Anyway, the day was nice, awesome actually, even tho the wind was normal for 4F.  We all returned safe.  Be sure to give thanks to the ONE that created this great resource that we enjoy!

See ya for March at Coletto (if I get picked)

Ye Ol Tattler