Coleto: March 2014

Wow, we finally had a ol’ 4F T with the wind and rain!!!!!  At least we ended up that way.  Most of the day was really great!!!

Congrats to Phil G for #1 and Big Bass (of course)

2nd was taken by my backseater and club Pres Tom R! (Just great guide service)

3rd was Bill G. No reason, just lucky! J

There was a tie for Big Bass at 17.75” between Bill and Phil but Phil had next big bass at 16” vs 15” for Bill.  Maybe next time Bill!

Oh yeah, we had a ringer fishing today. But not as a member.  Joe came out to run his new motor (well maybe not new but certainly better than the one he blew up).  Well Joe put on a fishing show for the rest of us! He boated more than 35 fish with a big bass of 22.75”!!!!!  What was so bad about the big bass was that he caught it in a cove/creek that Tom and I had just fished without a bite!!!!!!! L  Tom and I didn’t see any signs of a cage tied to a float so it must have been a legal catch….. 🙂  Good job Joe. Kinda hope ya come back to the club!  As a side note: Joe now knows that a big carp that is tail hooked seems like a record bass!!  Tom and I watched him fight this fish and saw the look on his face when he thought he had a HAWG!

Brandon with his first bass since joining the 4-F club.

Brandon with his first bass since joining the 4-F club.

Well, the newest member of the club, Brandon A., fished with Phil G and did a fine job of catching some good bass.  Sorry about the pairing Brandon, maybe it will get better in the future! J  Oh, Brandon gets the Ol’ tip o the hat for the best story for the T.  Seems he has now learned to make sure his tackle box, (suit case), is tied down when Phil steps on the gas!!!!   Phil took off and Brandon realized his tackle suit case (?????) was not on the back of the boat any more!  Guess they found it floating and still in good shape (lucky)?

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Byron McNeal for allowing me to use his boat when he could not make the T. That was going above and beyond the norm! Thanks my friend, and I will continue to pray for your health.

Overall, a really good T. Same Ol’ Coleto with a lot of small fish along with a few good ones!  Everyone came back a little wet but safe.  Be sure to thank the ONE that created this wonderful resource for us to enjoy!

See y’all at the April meeting.

Ye Ol’ Tattle Tailer