Livingston: May 2014



MAY 2014


VERRRRRRRY INTERESTING T!!!!!  Congrats to those that were able to catch a fish.  5 boats / 10 anglers resulted in 10 fish boated!  Anyone remember a T with so few fish?????

Well the guys that caught and placed get a hat’s off”:

            1st – Jordan T  

            2nd – Phil G .

            3rd and BB – Bill G  (19.25”)

The wind cooperated most of the day and we were warm enough…  well, actually it was warmer than we have been used to.:-)

Haven’t heard of any funny stuff and everyone seems to have come back healthy so it was a good day.  Oh yeah, almost forgot:  lesson to learn- when unloading rods from a boat or vehicle be sure to check the area for low hanging limbs, etc!  Ye Ol Tattler found out that American Rodsmith doesn’t warranty broken rod tips! They will very graciously replace the rod for $55!!!!  L

Overall it was a good day on the water so really can’t complain.  We are all safe and blessed to be able to enjoy His creation so please make sure you give thanks.

Ye Ol’ Tattler won’t be at the June T at Gibbons Creek so will expect that you will email or text any stories from the T.  Names are not required- but initials would be nice!  See you in July.

Ye Ol’ Tattler