Scatter: August 2014

Tattle Tails

August Scatter

(non-power lake)


What a great time to be fishing!!! HOT-HOT-HOT! I am soooooooo glad the weather will start to cool down soon. Sure…….

Most of the club went to Houston County to complete the summer scatter series.   Phil and Mark made the long trek to Lake Fork. Clarence and Jordan went to Sam Rayburn where, lo and behold, Clarence managed to pull in the Big Bass of the tourney!.

Congrats to Tom R for figuring out the Houston County Lake! Very nice limit with smallest at 18”+. 2nd was Bo and 3rd was Bill. Clarence landed the big bass at 22.5”. Awesome. Ye Ol Tattler landed the only stupid bass to bite his bait – 19.75”. All but 2 anglers caught bass.

Ron D and Rob did more than their share of throwing their Carolina rigs and drop shots next to, under and (imagine this) onto the docks of lake residents who were just trying to have a relaxing Saturday by the water. With their close inspection of the docks, R&R came across this fine structure which is in need of some maintenance. See anything wrong?? Rob plans to bring along a hammer next trip to Houston County and present it to the owner of said dock!


Something looks odd here.

Something looks odd here.


Close-up view. Wonder when the last time was that some walked on this???

Close-up view. Wonder when the last time was that someone walked on this???

Once again Ye ‘Ol Tattler was given a reason to be happy he sold his boat! My partner pushed really hard to have his trolling motor repaired in time for this T. He invested several hundred $$$$$ to have it repaired. Thanks Gerry! BUT, having some really bad luck, we were able to fish Friday evening and about an hour Saturday morning when Gerry made a comment about the boat not going in the direction the arrow was pointing! He pulled the motor up and discovered that the head was not connected to the shaft!!!! We took it apart and found a whole bunch of plastic pieces. Oh well, not much fishing can be done when the wind starts to blow. We did a lot of tie-off fishing. YUK! B.O.A.T = bring on another thousand!

Anyway. Everyone came back safe and slightly crispy. Be sure to give thanks to the ONE that created this wonderful resource that we enjoy!

See y’all in September.

Ye ‘Ol Tattler