Katy 4F Bylaws

Here at 4F we take fishing very seriously (well some of us, some times) and pride ourselves in following some basic rules we call Bylaws. Our rules are simple, we fish the honor system by catch and release and sometimes when we catch big ones we honor our anglers to be listed on the wall of Big Bass Honors. Below are our Bylaws, these rules we follow and ensure everyone has a fair chance of pure enjoyment of this great sport.

As amended on January 5, 2017

    • Tournaments will be catch and release paper tallies only with a five fish limit for each person, large mouth, small mouth and spotted bass only. The minimum fish allowed will be ten inches. A record of each catch will be turned in to the tournament director at weigh in time. Fish are to be measured using the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department pinched tail, closed mouth method. Measurements must be witnessed by your partner. All fish must be released immediately. The only exception to catch and release would be a trophy class fish.
    • Points for fish will be per the catch and release Individual Score Sheet. Fish will be measured on a flat board measuring stick with at least 1/4″ increments. Measure fish using the Texas Parks and Wildlife method described below.

How to Measure Fish

Use these guidelines to measure fish correctly (total length):

  1. Place the fish on its side with the jaw closed (that applies to the fish and the fisherperson).
  2. Squeeze the tail fin together or turn it in a way to obtain the maximum overall length.
  3. Measure a straight line from the tip of the snout to the extreme tip of the tail fin.

Guidelines to correctly tally scores:

Winners for each tournament will be determined as follows:

  1. Individual Score Sheets will be completed and turned in by each angler/team
  2. Highest total score earns first place, second highest earns second place, third highest earns third place. An award for Big Bass will also be given.
  3. Scores entered on the annual Tournament Results scorecard will be calculated as follows. The angler earning first place (most points on the individual tally sheet) is awarded 100 points on the annual scorecard, second place 99 points, third place 98 points, fourth place 97, and so on.
  4. Each person attending a tournament that does not catch a fish will receive the lowest score minus 10 points. For example, if the lowest score of a participant who caught fish is 85, everyone who did not catch a fish will receive 75 points (85-10=75).
  5. In addition to the score determined above, the person catching the largest bass in that tournament will be given an extra one point added to whatever his/her score was
  6. Scores determined as above for each person in each tournament will be entered on the annual spreadsheet, the cumulative total score calculated for each club member, and the spreadsheet will be published on the website. At the end of the year, the cumulative annual score will consist of the sum of all tournament scores for each angler, with the lowest tournament score for that angler being deducted. Fisherman Of The Year will be awarded to the angler with the highest cumulative annual score.

General tournament rules:

These apply to everyone in the club and also guest members.

  1. The yearly tournament schedule will be decided prior to the start of the tournament year. The tournaments will be on the 2nd Saturday of each month unless an alternate date is decided on by the membership.
  2. Club meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month unless another date is decided upon by the club President.
  3. Tournament partners will be selected randomly using the partner draw method. Boaters will select a draw ticket to determine non-boating partners at the meeting prior to the tournament. This does not apply to selected Away tournaments, in which boaters will pick their partner. When drawing for partners, non-boaters present at the meeting will be selected before non-boaters who are not present (but said they wish to fish the tournament). In the event there are two or more consecutive pick-your-partner tournaments, boaters shall not be allowed to pick the same partner.
  4. Non-Boaters will split all expenses with the boater (50/50). This includes gas (boat and tow vehicle), boat oil, etc.  Launch ramp fees will be paid 100% by the non-boater. This does not include normal maintenance or damage not caused by the non-boater. The boater is responsible for collecting the non-boaters share and has the right to not accept money from the non-boater.
  5. The boater will provide a cooler for lunches/drinks unless otherwise agreed upon by the partners, however, each person is responsible for their own food and drinks.
  6. The non-boater will provide his own rain gear, lifejacket and fishing tackle and will wear soft non-marking sole shoes so as not to damage the finish of the boat.
  7. The non-boater will respect his/her partners boat and will not abuse it. Likewise the boater will treat the non-boater with respect and will allow him access to cast forward and not have to fish used water. The boater and non boater will coordinate fishing spots.
  8. Tournament start time will be decided at the meeting prior to the tournament by the club President or appointed Tournament Director. Rule of thumb will be 30 minutes before sunrise. Members can launch at any time but cannot start fishing until official start time. This does not apply to scatter tournaments.
  9. The boater is required to maintain/provide a safe and operational boat with all required safety equipment (lanyard stop switch, throw cushion, horn, rope, paddle, fire extinguisher.)
  10. Each fisherperson is responsible for having a properly fitting Coast Guard approved life jacket.
  11. Boat owners in the 4-F Bass Club are required to have liability insurance for their boat. Boaters are expected to operate their boat and vehicle in a safe and courteous manner in accordance with regulations.
  12. Each boat will have a flat board measuring stick with one end turned up and measurement increments of 1/4 inch or smaller. No tape measures or yard sticks will be allowed
  13. Any time the boat is on plane all persons in the boat must have their life jackets on properly and the driver must have his lanyard stop switch engaged.
  14. All pre-launch boat and equipment preparations must be performed before placing the boat on the launch ramp area so as not to tie up the ramp.
  15. During the tournament no contestant will fish within 50 yards of another contestant unless both boats agree.
  16. No trolling will be allowed during the tournaments. Only one rod may be in use by each angler at a time.
  17. Only artificial baits will be used, no live baits are allowed.
  18. Any boater or non-boater who shows up at a tournament intoxicated or who drinks any alcoholic beverage during a tournament is automatically disqualified.
  19. Guests are allowed, however all paid-up non-boaters wanting to fish must be drawn before a boater is allowed to bring a guest, members come first.
  20. Any rule violations must be brought up at the end of the tournament, and the tournament leader’s decision concerning violations will be final.
  21. Annual club dues will be $50.00 as approved by vote of the membership. Annual dues are due each March. To be a member of the 4-F Bass Club you must be at least 18 years old.
  22. The 4-F Bass Club will have two officers, a President and a Secretary/Treasurer. The President will be responsible for running the meetings, directing the tournaments, and for delegating necessary actions to other members, i.e. picking up T-shirts, hats, etc. The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the club’s money, maintaining the club’s balance book, and keeping minutes of the meetings.
  23. Officers are elected for a one year term. Nominations for officers will be held each November, elections will be held each December, and the new officers will take office at the January meeting.
  24. Changes to these rules must be approved by a majority vote of the members present.