2022 – Lake Fayette

The day started off with a slight breeze out of the north, maybe 3-4 mph and a nice balmy 56 degrees. There were a surprising amount of boats at the ramp early, knowing what was ahead for us. Then a few hours later someone turned the big North fan on ultra high and the balmy 56 started dropping like the IQ level in Alabama! So many white caps as far as you could see! I’ve never seen Fayette like that before!

Most of us stayed across the lake while others crossed the lake multiple times, there so many boats out there that most of the coves were occupied getting away from the brutal cold winds! I didn’t know 30mph winds could dry your clothes so fast :P. There was a few boats out there that had trouble but our brave members decided to help those in need, kudos to those who did help and prevented a much serious scenario.

It was a cold, rough one out there.

We had 20 fishermen out there today! That is huge for this club!

Almost everyone caught fish, but with the conditions we had, just being out there getting the experience to drive in that crap deserves some credit. So good job out there being safe today.

Here are the scores for the month of February:

1st Place – Josh with 218 pts and 21.5″ Big Bass
2nd Place – Tom with 182 pts
3rd Place (tie) – Scott with 158 pts
3rd Place (tie) – Richard with 158 pts

Randy with 154 pts
Leroy with 149 pts
Mike D with 133 pts
Jon S with 118
John S with 100 pts
Jeff with 94 pts (tie)
Hector with 94 pts (tie)
Thomas with 90 pts
David H with 77 pts
Gerry with 62 pts
Jose with 60 pts
Brian B with 42 pts
Mike K with 27 pts
Bill with 19 pts (tie)
Glenn with 19 pts (tie)
Chris L with 0 pts

Our next meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, March 2nd at No Label Brewery.
The next tournament will be held on Saturday, March 12th at Lake Conroe (Draw).
See y’all then and stay safe.