2020 – Gibbons Creek

The club had a great turnout for Gibbons Creek with six boats on the water!
The wind definitely put a hamper on the day for most of the members, it just didn’t want to calm down at all! Good news is that everyone caught some fish, some of us had four limits caught though, so it showed it was a tough day, especially in the wind.

The results for this months Tournament are as follows:

1st Place – Scott Moran with 183 pts and 23″ Big Bass!
2nd Place – Paul Barnes with 181 pts
3rd Place – Tom Rieger with 139 pts
Randy Estep with 103 pts
Leroy Schroeder with 90 pts
Jon Sewell with 80 pts
Josh Schroeder with 67 pts
Mark Molsberry with 62 pts
Glenn Royal with 43 pts
Richard Odowick with 17 pts
Dave Pitts with 9 pts