2021 – Scatter aka Fayette…

Seems like its been raining for the past few weeks straight, but what’s new in Texas weather? Thankfully the rains topped before the tournament and the days were great for some good fishing. This time we had one of a kind triple Big Bass Honors (with photos to prove it), what are the chances of three fish of the same size caught in a Scatter, either way nicely done from the guys in the club with the Big Bass going at a whopping 22″! Here are the results as follows:

1st Place – Tom with 253 pts and 22″ big bass (tie)
2nd Place – Josh with 249 pts and 22″ big bass (tie)
3rd Place – Scott with 243 pts and 22″ big bass (tie)

Bill with 240 pts
Mark with 234 pts
Jon with 222 pts
Randy with 213 pts
Richard with 204 pts
Leroy with 176 pts
Dave P with 174 pts
Chris with 25 pts
Keith B with 0 pts

We will see everyone next month in August for another Scatter Tournament!