2019 – Scatter Tournament

As always with the club, we fish to have a good time. July is usually “one” of the hottest months out of the entire year that we fish. So this year for the month of July the group decided to do a Scatter! The nice things about Scatter tournaments are that there are no limits on where you fish… well there are a few exceptions and places… but that doesn’t stop us from fishing. Scott hosted the group for lunch (Thank you Scott for that one) Friday beginning of the scatter. The nice thing about our scatter’s are that we usually start the day before our usual fishing day so in this tournament we started on the 12th ran through till the 13th.

Now we come to the best part! Winner of the Scatters are as follows:
1st Place – Tom – 231 points
2nd Place – Bill with 184 points
3rd Place – Mike S with 182 points and 21.75″ Big Bass
Jon with 178 points
Dave with 175 points
Charlie with 167 points
Glenn with 161 points
Scott with 125 points
Keith with 80 points
Mike K with 42 points
Leroy with 42 points
John with 33 points
Richard with 0 points

Big Bass Award goes to Mike S on his beautiful fish!