2020 – Gibbons Creek

This year has been a crazy year for sure, but all things must come to an end. Gibbons was a cold and windy day, very rough day out in the water for sure. I don’t know if the fish were just lazy or just didn’t want to eat but this was probably worse than Sommerville back a few months ago. Luckily some of us did catch fish and some of us just didn’t manage to get a single bite!

Below are the final subtotal scores for the year:

1st Place: Mark with 144 pts and Big Bass of 20″
2nd Place: Glenn with 72 pts
3rd Place: Jon with 54
Paul with 46 pts
Dave P with 23 pts
Josh with 23 pts
Leroy with 17 pts
Scott with 11 pts
Bill with 0 pts
Tom with 0 pts
David with 0 pts

Hopefully next year brings in new excitement and new fishing adventures as this year did! Next month will be our Christmas party and choosing for the Lake for the rest of the year. So keep an eye out!! Tight lines everyone.