2022 – Scatter (Non Fayette)

Well….. At least it wasn’t hot today. LOL  And it’s only June. Boy am I looking forward to July and August. I had a little breeze, but it wasn’t enough to do anything.

Looks like everyone caught some fish today, so that is great!

Here are the results:

1st Place – Jeff and Jose (Bastrop)  with 338 pts
2nd Place – Tom (Houston County and Rayburn) with 330 pts and 19″ Big Bass (tie)
3rd Place – Gerry and Mike D (Bastrop) with 329 pts

Scott and Mark (Bastrop) with 290 pts
Chris L and Dave P (Bastrop) with 257 pts
Josh (Coleto Creek) with 156 pts
Bill (Houston County) with 126 pts and 19″ Big Bass (tie)
Leroy and Richard (Bastrop) with 74 pts
July is a scatter tournament.

The July meeting will be held on Thursday, June 30th.