2022 – Scatter

Well that was not expected of a Scatter Tournament! We had 14 people in this scatter and only 16 fish were caught, total. This was clearly not the weekend for fishing! But we had a good time at least.

Here are the lowest scores in scatter history:

1st Place – Bill with 125 pts (3 fish)
2nd Place – Tom with 106 pts (4 fish)
3rd Place – Mike D with 95 pts and 21.25″ Big Bass (3 fish)
Leroy with 78 pts (3 fish)
Jon with 34 pts (2 fish)
Josh with 30 pts (1 fish)
Dave P with 17 pts (1 fish)
Jeff K with 0 pts
David with 0 pts
Gerry with 0 pts
Brian with 0 pts
Scott with 0 pts
Hector with 0 pts
Keith A with 0 pts

Our next tournament will be held on Lake Nacogdoches on Saturday, Sept 10th. It is also a Pick Your Partner tournament, so if you don’t have a partner you better start asking or sending some emails!