2020 – Lake Bastrop

This month the club was supposed to fish Gibbons Creek, but decided not to. Seems as though the Gibbons was really low on water and we all know how the boat ramp can be. So instead in an executive order the club decided to fish Bastrop instead. Scores are in and seems like the club had a great time!

1st Place: Josh with 183 pts and 19.5″ Big Bass
2nd Place: Tom with 159 pts
3rd Place: Paul with 147 pts

Randy with 127 pts
Scott with 125 pts
Glenn with 118 pts
Jon with 75 pts
Mike with 55 pts
Keith A with 40 pts
Richard with 0 pts
Dave with 0 pts

Next months meeting will be at the usual place and held on November 5th, fishing will take place on Lake Conroe as Team Draw.