2020 – Lake Naconiche

Nothing is better than having free booze and fishing. This months tournament was in Lake Naconiche. The group of anglers, 11 total, fished the now popular lake. Some fished while others didn’t…overall any day fishing is better than none. It rained a bit but that didn’t stop anyone from catching a few here and there. Here are the results for the month of March:

1st Place: Josh with 182 points
2nd Place: Leroy with 163 points
3rd Place: Tom with 144 points
Glenn with 127 points
Scott with 122 points
Richard with 90 points and 19.5″ Big Bass
Jon with 37 points
Bill with 37 points
Mike S with 0 points
Mike K with 0 points
Dave with 0 points

Stay tuned for some photos!