2020 – Scatter aka “Fayette”

July was a crazy hot month, most of us that usually fish during the summer months know that it’s hard to catch good fish. We had two personal best catches this month and also a horrible turn out for one of our fellow boaters.

Yours truly, the web admin, aka also a boater, had not only a battery failure but also a fuel leak on the outboard! Yikes! Luckily, Scott was there to save us in his fancy new boat and managed to get us a jump enough to get back to the dock! (Thanks Scott for that one).

Now for the good news of the tournament scores are as follows:

1st Place – Tom with 241 pts and 21.5″ Big Bass
2nd Place – Mark with 225 pts (personal best)
3rd Place – Dave P with 203 pts (personal best)

Bill with 179 pts
Paul with 179 pts and 21.5″ Big Bass
Leroy with 171 pts
Jon with 158 pts
Mike with 155 pts
Scott with 46 pts
Richard with 0 pts
John with 0 pts
David H with 0 pts <~~ Sad face 🙁

PROOF for the results above are as follows: